1. First off, let’s introduce you because some people might not know anything about graffiti and just happened to click on this page knowing nothing about this culture. So firts off, what do you write and what crews do you write for?

2. How long have you been in the graffiti world, and what led you to get down with the crews that you’re in? A crew means something different for everyone, so what does your definition of a CREW mean to you, and how do all your groups differ from one another?

3. At what age were you when you first knew that you wanted to be a graffiti writer? What was it that sparked that thought in your head that led you to actually become a writer?

4. Graffiti means something different to everyone –  so from your personal point of view, what did graffiti mean to you in the past, what does it mean to you now, and what do you think graffiti will mean to you in the future?

5. How do you feel about social media’s role in being one of the key ways to come up in the game? We all know there’s cats who have only gotten fame just because of social media and nothing more (not to name any names) but how do you honestly feel about it?You grew up in a time where literally one year there was no social media and then a year later it was everywhere. So how did that affect your graffiti career and how you perceive today’s graffiti?

6. Do you think graffiti artists are more lazy now because of social media, or do you think they have to push even harder for the clout?

7. How did you come up with the name BEDR? Was it just a letter choice or does it signify something deeper to you?

8. What’s your favorite form of graffiti? Scribing, tagging, throws, piecing, legal pieces, slaps, or posting your pictures online and checking your likes every hour to see if people still think you’re relevant (like me)?

9. Growing up as a graffiti artist, what side of the tracks were you from? Did your mommy by your Montana paint for you or did you have to rack your Walmart paint yourself and learn from the streets?

10. Besides graffiti, what other hobbies or subcultures are you into that no one would ever guess? I’m talking even some stuff you don’t even tell your family like you got a Justin Bieber poster underneath your couch, or maybe you like the Science Channel too much? What type of thing would people not guess that you’re into?

11. A lot of people negatively stereotype graffiti artist as kids who are up to no good, who smoke, drink, do drugs, and just want to destroy property. How do you feel about this stereotype? Do you fit into that spectrum or are you something totally on the other side? There’s no shame in either by the way, because essentially graffiti is just vandalism.

12. Has graffiti caused any problems in your home life? I.E. arrests, staying out all night while the wife is tripping on you, or is it something your family accepts? Does your family look at you as an artist or a delinquent?

13. Have you ever told the girls that you were a graffiti artist just to get laid?

14. What kind of a mark do you want to leave behind through graffiti? Do you want to just do what you love and grow old and fizzle out, or do you want to look towards the future and start your own crew or get into the commercial part with clothing, tattoos, and jewelry lines? Do you have your own vision for yourself?

15. Are you Bout That Life?


Thanks for your time doing this interview. I know it was long and I know the questions were long. Do you have any people you want to thank and/or any people you want to hate on? Do you want to throw down on this interview before it ends? Thank you for your time, we love you bro.

BONUS QUESTION: If you could paint with anyone, any artist dead or alive for only five minutes, who would it be and why?

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