I met CISR off FACEBOOK, over 7 yaars ago.  He would be posting elaborate techiniqual “dirtstyles”style pieces. like every day. I lost track of him  due to legal issue, but reconnected  in 2015 when he was blowing up  on  instsgram  .He bound to be someone greater I can see in his heat and soul, seeing work he did on  Flickr So once seing his work on tumblr I was sold. I wanted him In V7. He also reps, LE, WPK and some others crews. HE deserved all   the glory and. I can see his style being the next “DIRT STYLE” of  the  futur, CISR did’t knot the genreic letters and that is waht is id part of V7  because we are actively looking for  pople who have ability to gleams into other parallel universis.

I can remember when he first got down with V7 ,  I was getting all these emails and DM’s and phone calls about “who is this young little  kid that you let in V7 , you cant even read his letters”  that was probably like for the first three months he was in the VOLTA SEVEN. Right after that 3 month cool down period the same people called me back and wanted to meet and paint with him so it was like he was ahead of his time and people didn’t understand what he was doing but once it caught on major crews we’re down  to paint with this kid and I’m just so happy that what I saw in him I wasn’t afraid of this new style coming into graffiti I accepted it as soon as I saw it and wanted to help this kid put his name on the map.

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